John Reaktor is a German artist and illustrator. In 2003 he joined the SAM Crew, which had started in 2002 as a ‘traditional’ graffiti gang in Schwerin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), and helped them to explode. In 2005 they moved to Berlin and John Reaktor quickly found his place in the „urban art scene“ with the power of his characters. He painted a new illustrative style, used untypical surfaces and hidden places. He got into the young, growing network of Berlin’s urban artists and began to create the street art section of SAM Crew, recruiting new members. Today, their aesthetic, combining illustrated figures, typography and cryptic structures, is perhaps one of the most recognizable in the city. Current members of the Crew ‘are John Reaktor, Hazard Hope, Duke Cuke, Billo and Fogel Junge.