MARKUS ÅKESSON : Surreal Oil Paintings

Markus Åkesson, born in 1975 and working at Pukeberg Art Studios in Nybro. “Markus Åkessons paintings deals with the interspaces between ideal and reality. A time related, spatial and psychological intermediate position where expectations and experience do not always join up. The paintings can be characterized by a compact stillness, as in the series of paintings “On the night of the big freeze”. Or by a sense of frozen movements as in the series “Looking for nature”. A recurring theme is an interest in the driving force behind the city dweller when he or she makes a pilgrimage into nature or, in accordance with this buys organic milk. And also something else. As a creation where one clearly understands that something has happened, and that something soon will happen. But we cannot see what it is. We are in the interval, the space in between. One can compare the apocalyptic dream sequences in “On the night of the big freeze” with the attempts by the surrealists to find a productive state where dream and awakeness are partly united, where the dividing lines between the subconscious and what we accept as real and observable are blurred. Where the personal and the existential are woven together with a social unconscious. He uses the realistic painting style in order to be able to work freely with the finer details of nuance and expression” – Milou Allerholm -To see some more of Markus work or to get in touch with him, we invite you to follow the link bellow the pictures we 5elect to give you an idea about Markus’s beautiful work.