iSHOWER : Listen To Music In The Shower

Sing along to music in the shower with the iShower portable music player. For $99.99, the iShower is a water-resistant and Bluetooth-enabled device that can be mounted to your shower wall. It can also easily be detached, so you can take it to the beach or a park. The iShower can support up to five users, and stream music from any number of apps. The Bluetooth works up to 200 feet away, so you can listen to the music on your smartphone or tablet without getting it wet. iShower works with iOS and Android smartphones, as well as the iPad. Founded in 2010, iShower creator iDevices takes ordinary gadgets and brings them into the 21st century with Bluetooth and Facebook connectivity. iDevices has also released the iGrill, which is a wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer.

With iGrill, you don’t have to stand at the grill the entire time your meat is cooking. Bluetooth helps users monitor the temperature from their mobile device. By leveraging Bluetooth technology, gadget-makers have developed some pretty fun products, such as Bluetooth-enabled gloves. Users can make a call simply by holding their hand to their ear in a phone-calling gesture.

The glove’s inventors say they are good for answering calls on winter days, as users don’t have to expose their hands to the cold in order to make a call. Bluetooth has been used to make everyday products more interactive and even a bit futuristic. For example, a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush tracks users’ brushing habits, while a multi-colored lightbulb can be controlled from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. ( By Kate Freeman from ) For more information we invite you also to follow the link bellow the video presentation.