ARYZ: Street Art From Catalonia

Aryz is the pseudonym of a young Catalan artist born in Palo Alto (California) in 1989 and moved to Barcelona at the age of 3. His work made him one of the most popular street artists in Europe and he is currently emerging as one of the big names on the international scene. Compared to other European authors, such as Bansky or Mobstr, his work, however, is devoid of any social or political criticism; all the energy is focused on the visual aspect of his work, which affects not only because of the size (he prefers very large spaces), but for the richness of colors and forms. As Aryz same said, he is not interested in sending messages or making a mark in the landscape where he operates. The wall he paints is only a support, and in fact he prefers completely blind walls, where his creativity is less influenced by the context. He paints for himself, for the sake of it, and maybe for this he hesitates to define himself as a street artist; on the other hand, both for the lack of a subversive charge in his work, both for the size of his interventions that prevents a clandestine production, he operates mostly legally and has fewer problems than other artists with the police. His style is strongly influenced by comics, and he is at ease with more traditional media, as he proved with his 2011 solo exhibition Hello World at the Montana Gallery in Barcelona or with his interesting digital production.