LIFEPROOF CASE: Make Your iPhone & iPad LifeProof

Everyone knows you should have a lifejacket handy when you’re out on a boat. We’ve even seen instances of people putting them on their dogs just in case. But what about protecting your iPhone from an accidental tumble overboard? LifeProof, maker of the sturdy cases that already protect your phone from water and dust, now has a LifeJacket for your phone. Its sturdy, protective, bright orange casing is bouyant, so it will float on top of the water. That means if you accidentally drop your iPhone overboard, you can grab a boat hook and scoop it back up by the lanyard, or use a net to bring it in. And when you finally fish it back onboard, it will work work just fine. LifeProof is also launching new colors for its iPhone 4/4S cases, adding teal, blue and red to the line-up later this summer. So take this accessory on a cruise or beach vacation. For more information we invite you to visit the link below.