It doesn’t get any sleeker than the Diesel DZ9044 Watch with a completely smooth faceless polished steel cover. Turned on its side you’ll notice the watch movements that tell time in four times zones. The large screws and thick black leather band give this men’s watch its tough design. Diesel has some pretty nice watches, but none of them really stand out to date, but the Diesel DZ9044 watch could very well be the first. If you’re used to stealing a quick glance at your wrist to find out the current time, you might be stumped with the Diesel DZ9044 at first since the time is shown sideways, letting you know the current time in up to four different time zones. Practicality is not an issue here, but then again fashion never really was in the first place.On our opinion, this watch is the most beautiful presented by Diesel. For more information just follow the link bellow.