CAMARGUE: By Federico Missio Now On iTunes

Originally recorded in 2006 in Udine (Itlay), afterwards restyled, remixed and remastered in Berlin in 2012, “Camargue” track of Italian musician Federico Missio (now living and working in Berlin) is now available on iTunes Apple Store. Featuring on vocals and acoustic guitar by Matteo Sgobino, the track certainly has a freshness and have the capacity to bring our minds out of the present world… somewere in our past. The simple and beautiful video you see create the right atmosphere of this beautiful song. Below the video you can read the english translation of this song. The track was mixed & mastered by Alessandro Masera. Of course, soprano sax, arrangement, computer & production was made by Federico Missio. So we invite you all, to leasten and see this music and remember to buy this track from the Apple Store (see the links bellow). Federico Misio can be contacted to his website, so we invite producers, film makers and other professionals to get in touch with him for their works. Our Congratulations to all the staff!

© 2012 available on iTunes


I know

about us

about time and your ideas

but I’ll find

somebody who

can tell me more about you



And you

who are

far away and simple

you’ll smile

thinking that

the moon shines by itself



Camargue is insanity

a trip or rather a dream, an acrobatic exercise

here I am, standing still, looking at

trapezes too high to climb



I know

about us

about time and your ideas

I will find you

on the day

the moon will shine by itself



Camargue is insanity

a dream rather than a trip, an acrobatic exercise

still here, standing still, looking at

sails too wide to unfold




I will live

kind and simple

and I will wait till the day when

the moon will shine by itself…………..