NANAN : The Italian Luxury Baby World

They are several companies arround the planet producing kid furnitures and accessories. But an Italian one attract our attention. Why that? Born in Ravenna in 1992 from an idea by Frank Mentone: to bring the pampering in the world of every child. Until yesterday, the distribution network nationally  has provided a tremendous success for his small creations. Nanan today is a new world opened a flagship store in central Rome,  Milan and thousands of outlets in Italy are only the beginning for something grande. “Il Neomondo Nanan” is the world of children awake, full of love and friends: from soft toys to home accessories, from clothing to pochetteria. The family company is growing very fast and now they start also to enlarge the business outside Italy. They are going to open franchise flagship stores arround the globe and will deal with major importers and distributors, so you will be able to test buy and wear your kids soon with Nanan.

Franca & Licia Angeli

Everything is designed to measure the baby. Nanan is the perfect reality in the dream of every baby.
Soft plush, sweet rooms, soft clothes wrap the newcomers in a world of hugs and cuddles, making the room a playful environment, full of love. The animated characters of Nanan are the ideal solution to make the child feel always in the company: the plush welcome him in their first world, made of tenderness and hugs. First of all Tato Puccio Fiocco. From a great passion comes a real company that specializes in recreating a world without sharp edges to bring happiness to the homes of all children. The animated characters are creatures of Nanan think to live a wonderful gaming experience from early childhood. Here bellow you can have a snack. Lots of VIP fans chouse Nanan not only because of the style, but because of the quality, and a complete range of kid products ( furniture, textiles, fashion, toys, cosmetics, luggages, strollers etc.) To have a clear idea about the mood of Nanan brand, just watch the video bellow that shows you the opening of the flagship store in Via Condotti in Rome ( the mail luxury street ).For more information just follow the link after.