AQUAOVO: The Convenient Water Filtration Systems

Designer Manuel Desrochers and AQUAOVO have come up with what could be the greenest, yet most stylish, water filtration experience to reach the market. AQUAOVO has embraced the philosophy that eco-consciousness, functionality, and aesthetics are all essential in modern design. The OVOPUR and CAVIAR water filtration units are the results of this design commitment and offer a vastly superior, environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to bottled water. The goal behind this new design is to encourage people who favor bottled water, which make up a large percentage of landfill garbage, to switch over to tap water.

Within each 800ml Eau Good water bottle is a piece of binchotan active charcoal, which has been used by the Japanese to filter their water since the 17th century. The charcoal is placed at the bottom, thus ensuring that the water is constantly being absorbed and purified through the tiny pores. Naturally purifying chlorine and other tap water related odors, the binchotan charcoal will release natural minerals for up to six months, after which you can order replacements from Aquaovo’s website bellow the video.