TWITTER FOLLOWERS: How Do You Sort Out Fake Followers From Real Ones ?

The number of live humans following you on Twitter might be significantly lower than your profile’s “followers” number states. This infographic below shows that many celebrities and politicians on Twitter — often with millions of followers — typically have more than 30% fake followers. So, what’s a fake follower? It could be a bot or someone who created a Twitter account, followed some people and is no longer active. There’s a lot of faking taking place on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Anyone can buy Twitter followers using one of the many services that promises active followers for around $1,000. This infographic from Social Selling University shows some key figures and companies that have fake or inactive followers, plus how much companies are charging to boost Twitter followings. A new tool called Fakers, that shows you how many of your followers are “fake,” “inactive” or “good,” has pushed this issue into the spotlight. With this tool, anyone can find out how many of their followers are legit and how many are fake. Check out this infographic below and tell us what you think about people with fake followers. ( By Kate Freeman from )