Is a premium German brand of vodka has been launched in the US market and has become available with select US retailers. The luxury brand has been available in Europe for a long time and has created a super premium vodka category. Q. Ladraa, Co-founder of Vallure Vodka believes that US is the right market for them as the consumers value the exceptional things in life. The consumer’s expectations have grown but the company aims to exceed those expectations.

The company caters to a very exclusive clientele and is looking to increase its presence in the US market as it is their second major retail launch in the country. The super premium vodka is available in 750ml bottles. Vallure is striving hard to become the leading player in the global premium vodka market. They are targeting the very top end of the customer base consisting of high net worth individuals. Their promotional activities have attracted the attention of both the media and their target group.

Vallure Vodka and its launch in the US is sure to give a boost to their market share. Vallure Vodka is the culmination of a long effort to create an ageless spirit that is a blend of high design and perfect taste. Their experience of a century has helped them create the most exclusive spirit. The tag line for the super premium vodka reads ‘Pure Inner Beauty’.

The vodka is produced in a 100 year old distillery in Berlin. The spirit is made from an old secret recipie. The filtering process adopted by the distillery is also special and called Vallure’s triple gold process. It is a multilevel distillation process that achieves the ‘Gold Standard of Vodka’. Each 750ml bottle is encased in 24 karat gold.

The Vallure bottle is packaged in a two-part black shell with a red velvet interior. The packaging has been inspired by the aristocracy of Eastern Europe. The bottle fits firmly in its case and is then secured by the golden Vallure seal. More information at the link bellow.