STAUDINGER+FRANKE: Showing The Impossible Means Shooting More Than You See

Staudinger+Franke is a widely recognized photography studio from Viena, Austria. Their portfolio is Amazing to say the least, they have worked for clients in Vienna, Milan, Zurich, London, New York and throughout the United States. Andreas Franke started Staudinger & Franke in Austria to shoot a wide array of subjects and to welcome the challenge of having to shoot the impossible. Stauginger & Franke believe that idea visualisation is all about using the best means to get the perfect result, be it a computer generated image, a handmade dummy or in postproduction.The photographer Andreas Franke, works as a team with his visual and CGI specialists throughout the entire shoot and post-production process to achieve the highest visionary image possible. Andreas is still based in Vienna where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Here we show you just few shots we really like. But to see more or to get in touch with Andreas, we invite you to visit the link below.