EMK: Placental Cosmetics

Hwich are the cosmetics used by Madonna, Victoria Beckham and most famous and rich people? We have made a research and discover EMK. Vital to human life, placenta extract is a truly remarkable repairing treatment for the skin that has been used as a beauty elixir since Cleopatra’s time. Emilia Karsh, founder and CEO of EMK Products, has joined with visionary skin care chemists to bring that world renowned repairing energy to you using their Bio-Identical Plant Placental Extract, a pure, completely plant-based placental extract that has the same anti-aging and repairing effectiveness as human placental proteins.The Bio-Identical Plant Placental Extract now in all EMK Placental Skin Care products helps oxygenate your skin, boosts natural cellular renewal, defends skin from free radical damage and, quite amazingly, improves cell to cell communication to enhance the repairing benefits of every active ingredient.

From the first application, visible lines and wrinkles are diminished. Dull, lifeless skin tone becomes brighter and more vibrant. Skin looks firm, supple, and moist with the rosy radiance of young skin. Celebrities, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, estheticians, and holistic physicians rave about the unparalleled anti-aging results of these superb skin treatments. We hope you will too.Founded in 2001, the mission of EMK Products has been to bring the remarkable healing benefits of placental protein to women worldwide. Known as the pioneer in placenta protein based skin care treatments and now in Bio-Identical Plant Placental Extract skin care treatments, EMK Products continues to utilize the most advanced skin care technologies and cutting edge research to bring about remarkable anti-aging and skin repairing results. It all began when EMK Products founder Emilia Karsh witnessed first hand the seemingly miraculous healing properties of human placental extracts when a friend and beauty a lost cause, the model experienced 3rd degree burns in a car accident.

Almost a lost cause, model’s skin was completely restored after a series of placental extract treatments.When research confirmed that Bio-Identical Plant Placental extracts were as effective as human placental extracts, the EMK Placental Skin Care product line was reformulated using the plant-based, newer, eco-friendly, animal- free ingredient technology.

EMK Products is dedicated to formulating skin care with only the highest quality ingredients that are pure, gentle and safe for use. Because we are so sure of our products’ quality and efficacy, all of our products carry a money back guarantee. We hope that as you discover and experience our remarkable skin care, you will realize more radiantly alive skin and the wonderful sense of well being that results from looking your very best every day.