SNIFF by Karolina Sobecka and Jim George

Sniff is an interactive public projection in a storefront window: an animated dog follows passers-by, discerns their behavior as friendly or aggressive, tries to engage them in a play and forms a relationship with them based on the history of the interaction. Sniff is created with Unity3d Game Engine which renders the dog in real time and allows to dynamically change his behavior based on the video tracking data. The sidewalk is illuminated with infrared lights and an infrared-sensitive camera that is used to monitor the sidewalk in front of the display windows. The position of each viewer is tracked and simple gesture recognition implemented, so that fast, big actions are interpreted as threatening and slow actions directed at the dog (for example hand extended in his direction) are interpreted as friendly. The dog keeps track of the attitude of the viewer and forms a relationship with them over time based on the history of interaction. A project by Karolina Sobecka with software design by Jim George. Built with open Frameworks and Unity3d. Find additional info, updates and details at the link below.