TANER CEYLAN’s Hyperrealistic Art

Taner Ceylan is the star of the new Turkish art scene. Since one of his paintings broke a record at auction in 2008, his works have been included in the permanent collection of the Istanbul Modern Art Museum and shown at Art Basel and biennales around the globe. The first painter to introduce homoerotic subjects in Turkish art in the late 1980′s (and possibly in the Middle East) he has worked against criticism and hostility his whole life. Born in Selb, Germany in 1967, he moved to Istambul with his family in 1983, where he studied painting at the Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty and graduated in 1991. He came out as an homosexual around twenty and started making homoerotic work at the Academy. Because of his art works, Ceylan was slated in the local press and suffered from the onslaught both on his skills and his person. It took him more than fifteen years to sell a painting and he transferred these emotions and experiences onto his work. Ceylan has been cited for the superb technique of his hyper-or photo-realism. All of the paintings of varied subjects have an added dimension of suspended animation with an emotional presence. Ceylan has chosen a wide variety of subjects for these works. They can be spiritual, erotic, natural, or violent in different or equal measure. Every work is a careful calibration of both observation and expression, with meticulous detail. Ceylan uses many aspects of the classic genre of painting (landscape, still-life, the nude) in his work, I came out around twenty and started making homoerotic work at the Academy.but it is ultimately his personal response to his environment that enables him to create a new emotional realism that defines this body of work. He lives and works in Istanbul.