MISS KITTY: The Controversial Sculpture by Paolo Schmidlin

Organizers of an exhibition in Milan, Italy drew harsh protest from the Catholic Anti-Defamation League and others who found the sculpture of the Pope Benedict in drag to be unacceptable.  The theme of exhibition was the relationship between homosexuality and art. However, the censorship of the piece has also caused a stir. The sculpture, titled “Miss Kitty” by Paolo Schmidlin, portrays the Pope wearing nothing but thigh-high stockings, a pair of panties and a stole. The sculpture, which is adorned with a blonde bob wig, offended the Catholic Anti-Defamation League, which threatened to seek charges against the organizers and exhibit promoters for defaming a head of state. Others have stated the censorship of the sculpture is another example of “Organized religion dictating the role of art.” and that “This type of censorship should not be happening !”

Eugenio Viola, the curator of the exhibit, has postponed the opening and reprint the exhibit catalogues removing “Miss Kitty” and another controversial piece. Viola has stated that the exhibit was intended to be provocative and to question the perceptions of viewers in regards to religion within the context of secular culture. Viola charged that “The value of art from the period of the avant-garde onward has been to free oneself from the dogmatic and ecclesiastic censors,”. What do you think about this censorship? Should artists and curators be free to exhibit art that displays a controversial stance against political and religious leaders? Is some art not meant to be seen by the general public? However, we consider Paolo Schmidlin a great and courageous artist. Here below we show you a snack of his other art work. For more information just visit the link below.