hree numbers that represent the three letters that form the word eco. Paolo Ferrari is the designer behind this innovative brand. Being just thirty-five years old, graduated in industrial design at Politecnico di Milano in 1998, he approaches  the world of eco-design through a university project which he had to reuse objects that otherwise would end up in garbage. As demonstrated by this success story – and as he himself said – today’s”fashion and design tend to interact and integrate more and more.” 959 is not a random name: it represents the year 1959. It is from this date that the Swedish auto company, Volvo will begin installing seat belts in its cars. The belt is recycled to the base of these innovative eco-friendly bags. In fact, as he himself said, the future of fashion is always more focused on the search for new solutions: in materials, forms and processes, also taking inspiration from other areas. You can also see the percentage of recycled versus new material used in each bag. For example, the 959-793 has a ratio of 97% recycled to 3% new fabric. 959: the year when the VOLVO introduced the seat belts as a standard equipment. From 1959, then, our safety is privileged. Manufactures now are abounding and are we sure that they preserve our safe journeys? This project has the objective to bring your back to an ethical, estethical and up-to-date dilemma design. For more information just visit 959 website below.