STRATA BUILDING aka RAZOR: How Buildings Make Its Own Energy

he ultimate goal of environmentalists is to have all of our buildings be completely independent from “the grid”. In other words, through the use of sustainable resources, buildings will have all the power they need without the power company. This building, known as the Strata Building, is one step in the right direction. The Strata, also known as the Razor, has three giant turbines on its 42nd story top. These blades are in the building facade and can generate eight percent of the building’s energy use. In other words, it is a building with windmills on top. A lot of homes have chosen to have windmills in order to generate power, but they usually only end up being energy efficient if you get all the wind you need. We’ve seen skyscrapers studded with wind turbines before, but the Strata is the first building to integrate turbines directly into its facade. Developed and contracted by Brookfield Europe, the tower is a tricky engineering feat indeed, especially granted the gusty blasts of wind that construction crews had to deal with while raising it. Measuring in at 42 stories tall, the Strata tower has enough height to eclipse the buildings surrounding it, allowing it to take full advantage of the area’s 35mph wind speeds. The tower is also designed to utilize the Venturi effect created by nearby structures to force wind through the turbines at accelerated rates, generating an expected 50MWh of electricity annually. According to The Guardian, each of the building’s 19KW turbines will have 5 blades rather than 3, which will reduce noise during operation. Meanwhile a five-ton base outfitted with vibration dampers will keep the building securely anchored to the earth. The skyscraper will also boast other green building strategies such as the exclusive use of natural ventilation, high-performance glazing, and other energy efficiency measures that will keep the building’s power use 6% below current building requirements. Strata tower cost £113 million. The skyscraper’s revolutionary design makes bold steps towards meeting the UK’s requirement that all new buildings be zero-carbon by the year 2019. For more information we invite youi to visit the link below.