s an interdisciplinary artist whose recent creative research has centred on the concept of an intelligent body where the body’s thoughts are realized through movement.  Using photography, video projection, and installation, Smith highlights evidence of this intelligence. She collaborated with professional dancer Naomi Brand in her MFA thesis exhibition at the Nickle Arts Museum in Calgary, Canada. During her CELLspace residency, Smith plans to expand the work to include those without professional movement training in order to address the intelligence inherent in all bodies. She comes from a diverse artistic background, often combining her love of physical theatre and visual art. She received her Art MFA in Mixed Media from the University of Calgary, during which time she also participated in “Interrarium”, an interdisciplinary residency at the Banff Centre.  Her performance work was presented as a part of E-Merge for the Fluid Movement Arts Festival (2008), and she also enjoyed collaborating with companies such as kloetzel&co (Calgary & New York) and W&M Physical Theatre (Calgary & Poland) throughout her time in Calgary.  Smith earned her BA in both Theatre Arts and Art from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2004.  While in Minneapolis, Smith directed and performed for the Minnesota Fringe Festival, The Varsity Theatre, and also trained under Kari Margolis. You can have more information or you can get in touch with Kristin at the link below.