innish photographer Markku Lahdesmaki has a vision of his own, above is his take on architecture. He started his photographic journey around his hometown, Tempere, known as “Finland’s Manchester”. This peaceful industrial city filled him with inspiration and passion to pursue his career. With his camera at hand and armed with creative forces, Markku started to gather his own world of cities. He is well-known for his collages and digital art manipulations and is working towards his own particular interests, as well as for marketing campaigns. After travelling through the most varied corners of the world, the photographer decided to settle down in Southern California, where he dedicates himself to, in his own and eccentric words, riding his Vespa while hunting wild animals, unusual faces and never-before photographed perspectives. We show you here below a selection of Markku’s  futurism and fantastic vision. To view more of his photography or to get in touch with him just log on to the link below.