ogs make great pets – they are loyal, playful, enjoy being outdoors and are fairly easy to care for. But one job most people would happily give up, is cleaning out and filling up the dog’s drink bowl. That’s why the Doggie Fountain is instantly appealing – not only does it provide your pet with clean, fresh water – once installed, you won’t have to lift a finger because it runs on pooch power. You simply fit the fountain to your garden hose and adjust the pressure so the water height is just right for your dog. When he/she gets thirsty (or bored) the water is accessed by stepping on the metal plate. Too easy. Not sure about the need for the rather large paw print – unless dogs recognize what a cartoon image of the underside of their foot looks like. The Doggie Fountain is made from steel and plastic and measures 9.25 x 9.75 x 2-inches. It retails for US$39.98 and is available from Taylor Gifts. Alternatively, you could thoroughly indulge your furry friend by investing in some sparkling mineral water …but you’ll still have to clean out the water bowl.