ILI: The Wearable Translation Device Between English, Japanese And Chinese By LogBar


Finally! You no longer have to let language barriers keep you from lying to random girls you meet on the street of a foreign land. I’ll be honest: I don’t put much faith in the process of automated translation, especially when English and Japanese are involved. The two languages’ sentence structures, particularly for casual conversation, have so many contractions, omissions, and vagaries that it’s virtually impossible for a translation program to pick up on and keep track of all the context and nuance necessary to provide an accurate translation.


Still, if you stick to a rather rigid style of speaking and completely unambiguous vocabulary, it is possible for a machine to translate speech. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, wearable technology company LogBar unveiled ili, a portable translator that can translate between English, Japanese, and Chinese. You wear ili on a cord around your neck, as demonstrated here. You may think that the man in that photo looks more like a wannabe pick-up artist than a budding linguist, but LogBar seems to be promising that ili will make you both.


The company has just released a promotional video for the device in which a British presenter wanders the streets of Tokyo, equipped with an ili, and tries to talk random Japanese girls he encounters into kissing him. After announcing “I’m gonna try and kiss girls I’ve never met before using this translation device, ili,” our dauntless host sets off to look for prey in the concrete jungle of Tokyo, and things get creepy in fairly short order… ( Source: ) For more information on ili device do not hesitate to visit the link below.