INSIUM | When Beauty Flows Pure – The Latest Italian Cosmetics By Lenardo Cosmetics


The niche skincare brand INSÌUM is the latest creation of the new Italian Company Di Lenardo Cosmetics. Francesca Di Lenardo (founder and owner) who already introduced in 2008 the now very known brand “Bakel” together with Raffaella Gregoris, seems that she decided to build her own brand probably based on the huge experience she had with the cosmetic world in the past. A little “hidden dream” she had probably before, and now came true. “INSÌUM” which in in friulian language means “dream” was probably the inspiration to name this cool brand. A really nice art work of concept, packaging, and communication tools, created by Italiana Marchi agency based in Milano (


The new brand and cosmetics were presented at ESXENCE Cosmetic Fair in Milano and imediately they catch the attention of the visitors. The INSÌUM range of creams plays an essential role in beauty treatments with its concentrated, pure active ingredients, but the texture and aroma also provide the most intense and personal moments of pleasure – they explain. All INSÌUM serums are composed of concentrated, pure active ingredients and they are the essential first step in modern beauty routines.


Their booster effect prepares the skin for creams, with improved and more readily visible results. The range of creams and serums has a powerful anti-age effect, thanks to a mix of the latest high-tech biotechnological ingredients and the purest, highly concentrated actives that work together to prevent and reduce the already-visible signs of aging. Besides being effective, all the products are instantly pleasurable to the touch and to our sense of smell, transforming a beauty routine into a time when our body and mind can regenerate.


All the products are free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients. The end user prices are a little bit high (140 to 170 Euro) but probably it make sense to invest this amount if you are looking for something that really works in this field. We didn’t test yet any of this range, but we will keep you updated about INSÌUM also in the very next future. “Just a few drops of product are all it takes for our beauty to flow pure again” – says the manufacturer. We invite all our readers to send us their feedbacks once they use this products and share their experience. Also we invite all distributors to pay attention on this cool brand, remembering that … Italians alr always doing better ! Our congratulations and very besst wishies to Francesca Di Lenardo and INSÌUM staff for this cool project. For more information and contacts, do not hesitate to visit the link below.