“One of my happiest memories was making a birthday cake with my father,” opens the editor’s letter in the inaugural edition of “Fathers Quarterly.” The Polish publication (written in English) is dedicated to memories such as these, and to the relationship between fathers and their children. Founder and Creative Director Wojtek Ponikowski sourced writers and photographers from around the globe and asked them to share accounts of personal journeys that either revolve around intimate familial relationships, or illustrate how the imprints of these relationships went on to inform their lives. Described as “a unique combination of book and magazine,” the publication focuses on “slow journalism” and studying how family dynamics are redefined in today’s world. Spanning just under 150 pages, “Fathers” is a solid first go-round. Its sun-soaked editorials smartly balance poignant personal photography and heartfelt narratives with lighthearted illustration, and the occasionally humorous anecdote, to create both a sense of yearning and satisfaction. Just one glance at the cover –which features a father cradling his sleeping child against his shoulder — made me want to pick up the phone and call my own dad. But, more than that, it made me feel that wistful desire to go back to a time where he was still a giant to me, and I could easily be tucked away from the world in his protective arms. ( By Stephanie Smith-Strickland from ) You can buy “Fathers Quarterly” at the link below.

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