GARAGE: The Cabin in Washington By Graypants Architects


Mystery, memory, poetry and light: these words are the essence of Garage, the award-winning architecture debut from creative studio Graypants. A worn and forgotten garage on Vashon Island in Washington, USA, was transformed into this sleek and attractive residential cabin, combining materials salvaged from the original structure with other vintage finds (like a century-old stove) as well as new elements. Apart from the striking copper cladding on the exterior walls (for which the project won a 2014 Copper in Architecture Award), another stand-out feature is the Corian front door, on which a poem by Robert Creeley is engraved. Beds and seating can be hidden under the wooden floor panels, leaving room for all sorts of other activities and uses. For the designers, Garage is a way to ‘‘celebrate the beauty of everyday interactions’’, something that the cabin can certainly accommodate through its versatility and openness. Graypants collaborated with Shep Films to create a short film that perfectly captures the mood and concept of this stunning contemporary cabin. (Source: For more information, do not hesitate to visit the link below.

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