XIAOMI: Is The Next Apple ?


You’ve probably never heard of Xiaomi, but the company is now the third-largest smartphone vendor in the world. One of the reason why Xiaomi has been so successful is because it sells high-end phones for about half the price of the competition. Beautiful and made of high-quality materials, unlike the zillions of plasticky Android phones I’ve used over the years. A lot of people, have accused Xiaomi of copying Apple’s iPhone designs. Jony Ive, Apple’s design boss, called it “theft” when other phone makers copy the look of the iPhone. Xiaomi phones are nearly impossible to find in the US and other Western countries.


For the moment, they’re only sold in China, India, and other emerging markets. But we are sure that the company will proceed soon to conquire the new markets. But like any other chinese brands who tryed without big results to push their brands into the Western countries, we really hope that Xiaomi’s CEO Mr. Lei Jun will pay a great attention on the marketing and advertising. We hope he understand that exactly as Apple do, that for western consumers is not enaugh the product quality. They need to create a “lifestyle”, a desire to have a Xiaomi product. We wish our best to Xiaomi and promise to keep you updated. – 5election magazine