bailamos jaf

Written by Malena Anguiano Sorge & José M. Anguiano Fernandez and produced by JAF Productions this is a wonderful video that invites us to question anything that does not give meaning to our lives and that generates the passion for life. An extraordinary dialogue between a father and his daughter, a girl with her ​​innocence and naturalness. If your life does not allow you to play every day , dancing, living… what do you expect ? Change your life ! “The purpose of this video is to remind parents immersed in a cultural dynamic of labor and consumption that children are children , and they should play and enjoy their childhood and to support their goals and dreams and, of course , play with them . “This video is dedicated to my parents who wanted me to have a “good” job, to my daughter ( that is the protagonist of this story) and to my wife ” Just enjoy the video on YouTube chanel below, and …Change Your Life!