MINIPRESSO: The Minature Hand-Powered Espresso Machine


As addictive mind-altering substances go, coffee is actually pretty hard to hit up on the move. If you’re out of range of a Starbucks, getting a hot, caffeine-rich espsresso generally requires a 20-pound machine and mains electricity, which is exactly the first-world problem this dinky espresso machine exists to tackle. About the size of a small thermos, the Minipresso combines coffee grounds and hot water into sweet sweet espresso, thanks to the application of a little elbow grease to the integrated pump. While it’s a little bit of a faff to use on a daily basis, it’s probably a good solution for campers, or people who work in kettle-only offices and are willing to be the butt of endless jokes. Pre-order is $39 (shockingly NOT through Kickstarter), with delivery slated for early 2015. ( By Chris Mills from . For more information, follow the link below.