CICRET: The Smart Bracelet Projects Your Phone’s Display On Your Arm

20140830141914-visuel_app_bracelet copia

If you think that Google Glass’ and smartwatch displays are too small for you, keep an eye on the Cicret Bracelet. French company Cicret claims its gadget can project your mobile device’s display on your skin. Not only that, it can also detect your touch input and send it back to your device. Apparently the bracelet uses a picoprojector to show what’s on your mobile device’s screen on your skin. You’ll then be able to interact with the projected display as if it was your phone or tablet’s actual screen with the help of eight proximity sensors built into the bracelet. The bracelet’s own processor will analyze your input and send it back to your device. The bracelet will also supposedly have its own onboard storage, although I’m not sure if it can open files on its own. Coundc too good to be true? Perhaps. It also doesn’t help that Cicret actually launched two different products in one fundraiser: the bracelet and a privacy app (hence the company’s name). You can pledge at least $399 (USD) on Indiegogo to receive a Cicret Bracelet as a reward. The company is shooting for a $600-$700 retail price, but even with the steep discount I think you should wait for an actual demo of the bracelet before you part with your money. ( By Lambert Varias from ) For the moment Cicret’s campaign on is closed, but they promises to come back soon. We will keep you updated. For more information visit the link below.



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