Made as a school project by the Department of Graphics and Painting from Academy Of Fine Arts in Łódź – Poland his obscure art project uses a meta method to detail findings; tattoos are used as an explanation method for tattoo statistics. The infographic utilizes the complex body art to give audiences accurate statistics regarding who has tattoos and where you’ll find the highest concentration of tattooed individuals. Luckily, the project involved no real tattooing, but rather is simply a very realistic rendering. Paul Marcinkowski created the eye-catching design as an art project for school in an effort to conceptualize the statistics he was finding. By using tattoos to explain the culture behind tattoos, Marcinkowski succeeds in grabbing the attention of readers who then scour over the body of the young man in the picture for intriguing stats. In fact, the rendering is so realistic that you might find it hard to believe it’s faux. For more information, follow also the link bellow.