Guess how many days and hours make up a human life? Assuming that you live till, say, you’re 80, it’s actually not that much: 29,200 days equalling 700,800 hours. Want to know many it’s in minutes and seconds? Well count it yourself if you’re a trivia fanatics, you sick bastards. Anyway, 700,000 hours is a frighteningly small number, if you consider that it’s a whole life we’re talking about here. And if you deduct the time you spend sleeping, say 7 hours a night, that would leave you with about 500,000 active hours left. I’m not even bothering to deduct the time people spend on basic necessities, like washing, sitting on the bog or eating. And I’m not including the first several years of life when most of us don’t really understand very much of what’s going on around us. But I’m still sticking with half a million hours, for your sake and mine. Think about this very carefully: you have roughly 500,000 hours at your disposal and it’s only if you’re lucky enough to live to be 80. If you kick the bucket earlier, the numbers would plummet substantially.

And here comes the really big question: can you honestly say that you spend your precious time wisely? Hmm, an average person would think, scratching his or hers head. How does my average day look? Well, I get up in the morning, wash, get dressed, eat breakfast and go to work. I spend most of the day at work doing pretty much nothing important, then I come home and watch the box for a few hours or play on my computer and then I go to bed and the next day the whole cycle repeats itself.

And on weekends I go out shopping, then have a drink with friends at the local, then come home and watch the box for a couple of hours and fall asleep on the couch. And from time to time I go on holidays and eat and drink a lot and watch the box, if there is a box in my hotel room, that is. That would roughly sum up how I spend my days. So there you are: life is short and people still waste it mostly on irrelevant things. Think about it again: 500,000 hours or even less. You’ve been warned. ( By Bed Delicious )

– End –