Marco Zamora is a local ( Los Angeles ) artist who creates paintings of a fantastic, almost whimsical Los Angeles despite being about the streets. They’re about people and trash and homelessness and desperation painted in black and white but with touches of color, which evoke a sense of hope. His pieces are very realistic, almost photo-realistic in nature, with a sense of magical realism afforded from how he colors his pieces. Often his paintings see men lugging around bikes stacked with items or carts filled with things, those things ranging from book bags to boxes to balloons to entire buildings. These people very obviously are carrying the city around as if they have been buried underneath it, Los Angeles weighing them down. His more recent pieces have become more literal and representative and has switched focus across the pond to Portugal, depicting street scenes in Lisbon. His paintings have a youthfulness to them, an active point of view of people who are on the go, people who range from vagabonds to bikers. They’re very current and are fine art representations of bike culture in Los Angeles. It’s funny as he’s been doing this for years now (since 2009) and seems to have moved on from there as biking has gone mainstream in town. The paintings are so fantastic because they seem to illuminate the sad and not good aspects of cities with a hopeful gaze, the coloring to them evoking that of The Wizard Of Oz. For more on Marco’s work, check out his website which has tons of work of his from paintings to works on paper to installations.