he Hidden Radio And Bluetooth Speaker is a very simple canister-shaped Bluetooth speaker that also incorporates an AM/FM radio. Bluetooth speakers are not particularly complex devices in terms of operation – you just pair them with a Bluetooth-enabled device, adjust the volume and enjoy the sound. However, a duo of industrial designers have created the Hidden Radio And Bluetooth Speaker in an attempt to make it even simpler and more intuitive. The unit is also claimed to offer an impressive 30 hours of battery life. The designers are Australian-born John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria, who is originally from Brazil. Now based in San Francisco, California, the two have been working on the Hidden Radio project for four years, which culminated in their developing and patenting the speaker’s mechanism. The cylinder-shaped speaker features a movable cap, which needs to be twisted in order to activate the speaker. By twisting the cap you also adjust the volume, reportedly up to 80 dB. Additional features include a 3.5mm audio jack, as well as an AM/FM radio. There are three color versions including metallic silver, graphite black and a special white edition.
According to the creators, multiple speakers can be paired with a single Bluetooth device and placed around the house, so you can enrich the sound experience or seamlessly switch between them. The battery is reportedly good for 30 hours. That ‘s certainly an impressive claim, given that the likes of the Logitech Mini Boombox, Bose SoundLink and Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speakers need recharging after no more than 10 hours.

The Hidden Radio And Bluetooth Speaker is not a retail product yet. It’s being offered via Kickstarter and requires at least US$125,000 in backing before production can begin. It’s likely to succeed, however, as more than half of the sum has already been collected at the moment of writing. A single speaker can currently be reserved with a pledge of US$119. Shipping is slated to begin in March 2012. For more information just visit the link below.