he world of medicine and healthcare is full of miracles, that sometimes even defy the simple rules of evolution and the same can be said in the case of Tatiana and Krista Hogan, the twins from Vernon, British Columbia, who are only joined from birth and share the same cerebral activities but also have different personalities, despite sharing the same brain. The twins are a miracle of modern medical science, as they not only dodged the odds of their survival at the time of their birth, but now they have celebrated their fourth birthday on October 2010. One of the most startling factors of this highly unique cerebral sharing process between the twins is the ability to share their thoughts, as both Tatiana and Krista share the same skull structure, along with a bridge between their sensory region of the brain, also known as Thalamus. This enables the twins to carry out one of the rarest functions in evolution, the process of human networking. Dr. Douglas Cochrane, a neurosurgeon at Vancouver’s Children’s Hospital, has been involved with the twin’s condition since they were in the womb and his team has been keeping a close eye on the developments. A scintillating fact that surfaced last year while the twins were undergoing  a series of tests was that, their brain was recording signals from the each other’s visual references, thereby creating a rare and incredible networking bond between the twins.
By Rajeev Saxena