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Aging steals away your most valuable resource: TIME. The Longevity Cookbook is a strategy guide to help you get more time to experience the joy from everything that you like in life. Take yourself on a journey starting with nutrients and exercise regimes that goes on to explore the usage of genetically modified symbiotic organisms and using gene therapy to boost your own longevity. Why wait until the body has broken down to fix it? Longevity Cookbook helps you repair and proactively prevent damage caused by the ongoing aging process. Knowing your body, being able to recognize when something is wrong, and having the tools to fix it, is what the Longevity Cookbook is about. Why a cookbook? How does this relate to longevity? “Most importantly, we want to draw attention to an overlooked problem whose time has come: aging. In recent decades, we have begun to understand how to use changes in nutrition and lifestyle to extend the healthiest years of life.

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At the same time, findings in the lab have shown that it may someday be possible to greatly extend our maximum lifespan, and our quality of life as we age. This could happen sooner than you might think! Any ambition to live longer than the historical human maximum lifespan of ~120 years will require a complex approach, that is not yet fully understood. It’s possible that by modestly improving our health, and rolling back the clock using improvements to nutrition and lifestyle, such as those to be outlined in the Longevity Cookbook, we may live long enough to reap the benefits of revolutionary interventions that are currently still in the lab. With this thinking in mind, in the book we’ll outline some of the most promising experiments that are currently underway or being proposed. If we really want to live longer, we can’t concentrate all our prospects in one place. Our goal in the Longevity Cookbook is to tell you about many of the promising available options that could one day lead to huge changes in how we age, and to bring them to life. Did you know that…


There are animals in nature that age very slowly. For instance, Brandt’s bat, and the naked mole rat, live many times longer than closely related species.


The drug Metformin has been shown to make type 2 diabetic patients live longer than matched healthy people who do not receive the drug. What might metformin do in healthy humans? Your gut bacteria in part determine whether you are skinny or fat.


Diet impacts how our genes work. Our health and longevity depend on that. We can affect 2 molecular aging mechanisms by diet. These are the insulin-like growth factor 1 pathway, and the mTOR pathway, which blocks cell clean-up from damaged proteins. Aging is regulated by the nervous system. Reducing inflammation in the hypothalamus boosted mouse longevity by 20%. We’ll tell you much more in the Longevity Cookbook! Why now? Why us? We can’t wait for the next generation to defeat aging. It might be too late. We have to act now. In many ways, the Longevity Cookbook is meant to act as a catalyst. Recent findings in the science of aging suggest that pharmaceutical interventions that could extend human lifespan will be here in years, not decades. This project is one of many experiments in how to best engage and recruit enthusiastic supporters of the idea of slowing aging and thus delaying the now-inevitable diseases of aging, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease. We hope to share some of what is happening at the cutting edge of aging research, how this research will help defeat aging, as well as actionable suggestions on nutrition and lifestyle that you can use now.

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Is Longevity Cookbook a book for me? If you care about your own life and lives of your kids – Longevity Cookbook is for you. Longevity Cookbook is not the next popular diet, it is the ultimate review of everything that science knows about longevity and food and lifestyle influence on health and life expectancy. This information is not just interesting but very useful from a practical perspective. By following our easy recommendations, you will enjoy your healthy life longer. If you care about surrounding world and want to make it better, then Longevity Cookbook is your book. By helping us write it, you are getting not only a practical longevity guide, but also an open road to new scientific research in life extension.


Hi! I’m Maria. I’m studying biology of aging in a joint Ph.D. program between the University of Southern California and the Buck Institute. My background is in molecular biological physics. I’m 29 and I am a fighter for longevity! The last 7 years of my life were dedicated to this fight. Now is the time when I can contribute my passion and expertise to helping everybody make their lives better, healthier and muuuuuuuuch-much longer.


You and I have a problem. It’s aging. Aging is slowly killing every person. We have to solve this problem, otherwise we will all die. How can we do it? Obviously with the help of science. But what kind of research has the power to cure aging? This is what Longevity Cookbook is going to tell you. The best scientists united to explain how to defeat aging. Longevity Cookbook will also tell you what kind of food is the best to live longer and healthier from scientific standpoint. Let’s defeat aging together. Support Longevity Cookbook!


Hi! I’m Anna. I’m 34 and absolutely love my life. Being a chemist, I understand that there are no physical laws prohibiting us to stop aging. Our bodies are intricate molecular machines that can be modified at our will. I believe that technology will bring us a happier and more meaningful life, colonization of other planets and friendly AI. But to do all this we need to extend our healthspan first. Let’s do it together!


I’m a postdoctoral researcher studying the basic biology of aging. I think that projects like the Longevity Cookbook can help bridge an important gap, by translating what we do every day in the lab into a format that’s fun and accessible for a large and well-informed audience. Science is not done in a vacuum, and as researchers we work best when we engage the broadest audience of people who are enthusiastic about scientific progress in our fields. It’s my hope that participating in the Longevity Cookbook will help move aging research in this direction.


How are we going to spend the funds? We intend to spend 70% of all of the money collected to fund bioinformatic meta-analysis to inform our recommendations. Top aging bioinformaticians will analyze hundreds of scientific articles and attempt to distill the information into scientifically supported, yet easily understandable, results. Translating the existing scientific literature into actionable suggestions allows all of us to begin to benefit from the research, today. The remaining 30% of the funds will be spent on the actual production of the book itself: full-color illustrations, photographs, and publishing costs. We want you to be aware of not only what, when and how to eat, but also how these food products promote our molecular longevity mechanisms.