ID1 HOUSE: A Storage Container Called Home


“Ukrainian Designer Igor Sirotov is back with a new architectural paradise, the ID1 House. Made purely out of cargo containers, the house design brings stor-age to the new-age. The house uses a U shaped layout, creating two floors with all the space in the world. The classy touch lies in the bathtub that’s on the terrace allowing you to soak in your bath salts as well as the tremendous view of the forest beyond. What is a home, just a storage container for the living soul “- Sarang Sheth from Sirtov Architects, provide innovative and superbly crafted work for clients seeking thoughtful and considered design. I have experience designing and building at a diverse range of scales and bring an ultra-refined sensibility and attention to detail to projects ranging from individual micro apartments to entire buildings. My approach is deeply informed by curiosity and a love of tinkering, of drawing, of discourse, and of making. Our methods and capabilities are at the leading edge of design, analysis, manufacturing, and construction, but I strive to produce exceptional experiences, intricately choreographed spaces, and works that are unexpected, hyper-useful, intelligent, and full of delight. For more information or to get in touch with Igor, do not hesitate to visit the link below.

id1_house_2 id1_house_3