Being different in a society in which everyone is conformed to be the same, is a daily struggle. A struggle that all who dare stand out will understand. Whether it is a choice or not, being different means not going with the flow, not accepting societal norms, being misunderstood all the time and definitely not being the most popular. It is a path certainly not easy to go down, but it is a path some of us are destined to take. We can try to run away from it, or attempt to hide it beneath a facade, but it’ll always be there- it’s just who we are. What I hate is how youth who don’t fit the criteria of today’s generation, are made to feel like they just don’t belong. Some of us youth prefer to talk about global issues rather than superficial nonsense. Some of us prefer to read a book rather than “turning up” at the club. Some of us prefer to fight with our voices for human rights than fight with our fists over petty disagreements. The fact is – we’re not all cut from the same cloth. Some of us think and see things differently to the rest of the world. Some of us can talk about and do things that most young people are not able to- we shouldn’t be teased, laughed at, hated or ostracized because of that, and how young we are shouldn’t matter.


Whenever I try to be myself, especially on social media, I stop myself, because from past experiences I know that people are just going to use that to make me feel small again – like I can’t express myself because my opinions are too “grown up” for someone as young as me. But if we can’t be ourselves in the real world, and we can’t be ourselves on social media, where can we be ourselves? Undoubtedly not in this society, because it is this society that tells us to be ourselves, and then contradicts itself when they judge us for doing just that. I can’t stand how this monotonous generation laughs at and bullies those who are not like them, making us doubt ourselves and left feeling insecure. What gives people the idea that its okay to do that? Making someone feel small, will not make you any bigger. I think that the hardest part about being different, is not getting teased, laughed at or even left out, it is constantly having to stay aware and being careful of not becoming like the rest of them. That is the challenge. Being different doesn’t mean you’re weird, just like being young doesn’t mean you’re incompetent. Thank you to VOY for giving all those who don’t seem to fit in, a platform to make their voices heard, and a place to feel like they belong. Society finds it silly that we’re different, I find it sad that they’re all the same… and totally replaceable. ( By Destiny Faye from Voicesofyouth.org )


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