DUE ANCORE & LAMAMI: Probably The Best Italian Professional Knives


Maniago is a small town located in Northeastern Italy in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, between the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomite mountains. It dates back to the Roman period, and in subsequent years the territory was under the reign of the Venetian Republic and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The town of Maniago is renowned all over the world for the production of knives, an activity which started around the 15th century due to its proximity to the city of Venice. The Venetian Republic allowed the old blacksmiths of Maniago to use streams to manufacture steel at the trip hammers. During that period work began on the making of halberds for the army, while in subsequent centuries production became more varied. Over the last century the companies have specialized in the manufacturing of diverse products.


Presently, within the municipality of Maniago kitchen, hunting, sports and sub knives are produced, along with industrial blades, farming and gardening scissors and corkscrews. In addition, precision products for the aeronautical and energy sectors (ex. turbine-engine blades, gears) are manufactured. The Coltellerie Marcello Beltrame – Due Ancore early origins dated back to the end of the XIX Century when Beltrame Family purchase the “battiferro” on Via dei Fabbri in Maniago, focusing its activities in the manufacturing of farming tools.


The Corporate brand DUE ANCORE was registered in 1912 for the first time: the production range expands, as professional articles in addition to items for the sectors of building and farming. Thanks to this family tradition, combined with more than a hundred years of experience, the Coltellerie Marcello Beltrame was born in 1953: with this advent the Company continues to perfect the articles manufactured, becoming soon leader in production of professional knives for butchery and kitchen.


The new Millennium sees the Company reach the 4th generation, under the leadership of Andrea Girolami, maintaining the same prestigious level gained during the years. Moreover, in 2009 the Company embarked on an ambitious marketing campaign to support our participation at the industry’s biggest trade shows (Frankfurt, Dubai, Houston, Milan); in addition to the professional knives there was the introduction of Lux, a top-flight quality assortment, characterized by high-quality products and luxury materials. 2012 sow the birth of Lamami, the innovative collection of tasting sets, which marks the separation of the previous production range, focusing on design, ecological sustainability and an unique style100% Made in Italy. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the link below.

Coltellerie Marcello Beltrame srl – Via Dei Fabbri, 21 – 33085-Maniago (PN) – Italy – Tel. +39 0427 71078