THINGTHONG: The Flip-Flop That Doubles As A Swim Costume


Singapore-based BBH Asia-Pacific copywriter and associate creative director, Douglas Hamilton, has created a concept dual-purpose flip-flop as a last-minute solution for those who forgot their swim costume. Called the ‘ThingThong’, the slipper’s Y-straps are adjustable and elastic so that you can wear the slipper to cover your private part. The lack of a swimsuit, on spontaneous trips to the beach, won’t be able to stop you from jumping into the ocean anymore. “Forgotten your swim costume? No worries. Thanks to adjustable elasticated strapping, ThingThong’s got you and your thingameejig covered,” Hamilton wrote. We’re not sure if it’s one-size-fits-all, but at least there will be minimal tan lines! ( By Anthea Quay from ).

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