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I don’t imagine anyone’s ever designed a dedicated commuter’s backpack…for a cyclist. Functionality aside, even aesthetics are really important. Office goers are rapidly shifting to bicycling to work as a means to conserve fuel, and money. The range of backpacks catering to this steadily growing crowd remains to b explored. Ducksinarow (Ducks In A Row) specialize exclusively in commuter backpack design, and their Elegant Commuter backpack for cycling enthusiasts really knocks one out of the park! Tastefully marrying Leather and Fabric, these backpacks lend themselves to easy cycling in numerous ways. You have junctions to connect your helmet to the backpack, and even strap your flashlight! The pack is wonderfully padded on the inside and outside, so don’t worry about breaking anything. The backpack can strap itself directly to the front of the bike with its bike connectors. Need a GPS? The Elegant Commuter also takes care of that! A transparent sleeve facing the driver allows you to access the map and drive confidently, never having to ask for directions! Never has anything so functional looked this fashionable! ( By Sarang Sheth from ) For more information, or to get in touch with Anna & Tony do not hesitate to visit the link below.

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