SPACE 10: Ikea Launches Collaborative Innovation Hub In Copenhagen For Designers


Ikea has opened its new design lab and exhibition space called ‘Space 10’ in Copenhagen to explore the future of urban living. Copenhagen-based architecture studio Spacon & X divided the 1,000-square-meter interior into three open floors sans dividing walls. Using repurposed IKEA products, artist and designer Maaike Fransen crafted two hacks—a white hangout space and a mobile workstation for lazy individuals. Local graphic designer Nicholas Fuhr developed the visual identity that ties the three floors together. ‘Space 10’ will not only host talks and workshops, but also organize collaborative projects and design residencies. Through the series of labs, IKEA aims to challenge designers to tackle issues that impact people around the world. At present, ‘Space 10’ is host to an open-to-public ‘Fresh Living’ lab focused on smarter and healthier lifestyles. Twelve designers from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design are behind this showcase that comprises six different prototypes, including a phone-charging table that transforms heat into electricity. ( By Yoon Sann Wong from – Photo© Alastair Philip Wiper) For more information visit the linkks below.

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