O·M·O: Acrilic & Watercolor Portraits By Felipe Bedoya


Artist Felipe Bedoya’s beautiful acrylic and watercolor portraits representing made-up people called O·M·O are so realistic that we could be surprised to imagine it as real paintings at the first look. Felipe began to draw since he was a kid, and was and heavily influenced by pop culture: everything in magazines and television. Later on, when he went to college to study Graphic design, it became something more formal, but at the same time it was much more self-development tan anything. He began to be very interested in how to achieve the things that he saw on the internet, and began to deconstruct the references he had, to explore more and finally he developed a childlike aesthetic for adults, combining techniques and expressions, like photography, fashion and painting always paying attention to the details and emphasizing the eyes. For more information or to get in touch with Felipe, do not hesitate to visit the link below.

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