Pronounced “eee-mooah-ee” IIMUAHII was started by Academy of Art alumni Elena Slivnyak in 2010. She was cast in Project Runway season 10 where she ended up presenting a press-favorite collection at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. One year later she was called upon again by the producers of Project Runway All Stars to compete yet again. She took the challenge and was consistently producing top three looks weekly and became a finalist, showing her final collection at the United Nations representing her home country of Ukraine. Based in San Francisco, Elena’s avant-garde couture wear pushes conceptual boundaries and is consistently sought after by celebrities, stylists, and the entertainment industry. Lady Gaga, Ciara, Tyra Banks, Debbie Harry, Victoria Justice, and St. Vincent are all fans of IIMUAHII. Expanding her brand’s repertoire, Elena recently launched a new division of sportswear, R2Wear, and she plans to launch a menswear and accessory line in the near future. She is eager to get started working in the film and entertainment industry as a creative, channeling her visions throughout all spectrums of the art world. For her Couture Lookbook 2015, IIMUAHII offers us a futuristic photo series, taking place in a 3D concrete structure in the middle of the sea. Overhang by a stormy sky, these floating structures shelter static models wearing sculptural costumes, very typical of the designer’s style. For more information or to get in touch with Elena, do not hesitate to follow the link below.


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