VOLO: The New Rocking Lounge Chair For Two By The Sveglio Team


The name derives directly from the Italian word for “flight” and its design is beyond reproach, letting you rock, with company and in style. You can choose from a wide range of combinations for the fabric with inspiring names such as Sailcloth Shadow or Canvas Iris, for the metallic geometric structure that bears it, you can also choose from antique bronze, white or silver. Built in California, in the Big Sur, the land that has inspired Henry Miller is now the home of these master welders and designers that created this beautiful rocker for two.

svelio-garden-rocker-2 svelio-garden-rocker-6 svelio-garden-rocker-4 svelio-garden-rocker-3 svelio-garden-rocker-7 svelio-garden-rocker