CURSUM: The Stroller For Wheelchair Users By Cindy Sjöblom


Parenting in the first stages of infancy can be incredibly challenging – add a mobile disability to the equation and you can imagine how daunting it might seem. The Cursum stroller concept aims to make life a little easier by adapting to use in tandem with a wheelchair. Swivel wheels, complete height adjustment, attention to comfort and visibility and advanced safety features give parents added security and a little independence to an already challenging life experience. The video below shows a quick overview of Cindy’s degree project in the bachelor program Industrial Design from Umeå Institute of Design. “The project is only a concept at this stage. Some producers have been interested, but only small ones, and so far nothing have happened with any further development. But hopefully in the future the right company might find me or another company try to develop something similar. Thanks for your support of the project” – says Cindy. We really hope that someone from Stokke/Bugaboo will pay attention on this cool project and will contact immediately Cindy (not just copy the idea)…

wheelchair_stroller_001 cursum_06 cursum_05 cursum_04 cursum_03