IMMURO: The Walls Of Italy Printed On Precious Scarves By Artist Riccardo Coppetta (aka Ri.Co)


Usually after visiting an Italian city, In our minds remain forever its monuments, palaces, streets, neighborhoods that we carry with us through photos. But it happens rarely that we dwell on city walls, their colors, their shades, often worn by the ravages of time, witnesses of the life of the city itself. And it is the walls of the city that inspired a fashion designer and creator of the brand IMMURO, Riccardo Coppetta, aka Ri.Co. The particular signs of the walls are merely evocative of knowledge and lives lived that only they can tell through their many facets and colors, signs that remain etched but that after days months or years may disappear and are never turn away as they were. From this concept the florentine fashion designer has decided to create a project that shows the characteristics of the walls, on scarves, shawls and scarves made in silk and cashmere. What catch your attention about this brand is primarily the concept of wanting to focus on something that is real if not totally disregarded by industry experts. Anyone has ever stopped to look at the wall of a city, admire its beauty from the date of its facets and giving it a so much value as IMMURO want to do. And it is undeniable. The perfect resemblance of the prints which presents something truly innovative and unconventional common. The scarves show a rare beauty. We remind you that Riccardo Coppetta is a teacher of “leather design” at Fashion Institute of Technology – New York at Politecnico di Milano. For more information or to get in touch with the artis, do not hesitate to visit the links below this small selection of scarves we like.




cfs_IMMURO venezia 11

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cfs_IMMURO foulard roma

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