More often that not, We come across people who quit their existing job in the hope of starting a lucrative career in photography. On a positive note, this sounds wonderful but how practical can the shift turn out to be. What are the daring questions one should ask themselves before they may start to regret the change in the future. This post is for those passionate photographers who are in a dilemma and wants to figure out the reality before they choose the career.


1. Basics – First, how good are you in photography. This is the most important question because passion can never win a battle alone, talent is the definite prospect. Do not get distracted by those false praises you receive in social networking sites, this may push you to an extreme of quitting your existing job, so beware. Browse through the works of great photographers and see for yourself where you really stand. This is a reality check before you shift gears to the next level.


2. Training – Known is a drop, Unknown is an ocean. Creativity cannot be taught and is often a gift for a creator. Whereas, you can start developing a taste for good stuff and enrich your vision through prolonged study and admiration of great art works. Never hesitate to start as an assistant with someone whom you feel as a mentor. Take their guidance and if you are lucky enough to meet your grand guru then no stopping you.


3. Backup – Never hope for things to fall in place very soon. A new job is always going to drag you and tear you apart both emotionally and financially. Its always safe to have a backup of 6 months of salary in your savings to avoid any regression. This is mandatory because you don’t want to hurt your dependents by any means. You need their support & love more than anything in these testing times.


4. Gear – At least in the early days of your new assignments it is better to rent advanced gears. This is a clever idea because things are cheap when you rent and you can always test the goodness of these huge machines, therefore you can always buy them in the future. Do not invest a grand some of money from your past savings just while you are about to start a new business. Think twice before buying a camera body but its always great to invest on lenses.


5. Style & Survival – Style & Originality are great words, hence if you like to survive in this field of commercial photography, You got to do something different which the photo-guy next door doesn’t even know. Think out of the box, take risks, believe in yourself and above all never lose the passion for photography. Never give up, always remember that success may just be around the corner. Try hard with an undying passion and thirst to achieve the goal. ( Source: )