Are you designing a website for a restaurant? In order to create a proper website for people, you should start think in the same way they do. When it comes to designing a gorgeous restaurant website, what should you put your mind to? Well, why do people like going to restaurants? For the food, the ambience, to relax and have a good time with friends. Keeping that mind, restaurant websites can be real useful to the dining business. Guests can have an opportunity to be acquainted with your menu, style, interior and services. Moreover, an online website also means that you can receive orders online as well as reservations for those interested to check out your restaurant. The website is a necessary attribute of any modern business. From the very beginning you have to find out your target audience.


If there is a university near your cafe, students will probably be your frequent visitors. If there is a business center not far from your restaurant then expect business-executive types to lunch at your place. Check your surroundings for the type of target audience, their age group and ultimately their preferences. After the target audience is defined, you can begin website creation. If it is a students’ cafe, a clean and bright design will be the perfect choice.


But if you are trying to engage the more serious managers and office workers, go for an elegant or professional style. Also, you can arrange “happy hours” or some other discounts to attract more customers. Don’t forget to create an extra website page, slider image or pop-up window for a brief description about it. Here you can see an offer in a slider at the website header. The visitors of this website are well-informed, because the offer is on the main page. Every good restaurant website should include important and required pages, such as a home page or main page, the menu, the ‘About us’ page, and a Contact form. It’s critically important to create all these pages, because without any of them the website will never be complete. You can also add a review page in order to show your visitors what people say about your restaurant. Also, try your best to keep it as simple as possible.


There is a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy that is called KISS. It means “Keep it simple, stupid”. By this principle, simplicity and a user-friendly design is your main goal. If a user doesn’t find what he or she is looking for in three clicks,it’s byebye for good. Have you noticed that the color palette of most restaurant sites consists of four main colors: brown, white, red and black. Of course, these days you can see a full spectrum of colors on restaurant websites, but these main four colors were selected for a reason. Brown color symbolizes reliability, stability, and adherence to tradition. White gives a feeling of freshness, purity, and freedom. Black is associated with mystery and power of creation. Moreover, food photography looks great on a black background. The color red is most often used by fast food restaurants as it is the symbol of passion and secret desires. Always try to take into consideration the fact that colors influence a user’s behaviour. Use this knowledge to your benefit. Your restaurant website should have an easy-to-use contact or feedback form. It’s not enough just to leave an email address or a phone number on the contact page.

dA contact form lets you add fields which can help narrow down what the person is trying to contact you for. Also, don’t forget to attach a map to the form in order to show the location of your restaurant, that will remove questions about the location of your restaurant. On the Web we are constantly fighting for attention and the website is usually on the front-end trying to get people to click in and find out more. Hence, it needs to be attractive first of all. Large background photos are an amazing choice for restaurant website design. Also, you can add some high-quality images to the menu page in order to demonstrate how your dishes look like. Make the images “delicious”, they are supposed to arouse an appetite. Food photography should awaken a desire to try them out, because when they do, people can’t wait to step into your restaurant and get a bite. These tips are designed for beginners, but I hope that the pros appreciate them as well. Define your goals and try to achieve them with the help of your website. Remember that perfection is a journey, not a destination. Check out these beautiful restaurant website designs for ideas and inspiration!

1 Ruxbin Chicago

2 Risotteria Melotti

3 The Eddy NYC

4 Brass

5 Quay Restaurant

6 Junction Moama

7 Marianne Restaurant

8 Arbor Restaurant

9  Baobab

10 Mercer Tavern

11 Whitmans

12 Brindisa Tapas Kitchens

13 Cow&Co Cafe

14 The Monocle Café

15 Drury Buildings

16  Fino Par

17  Colonia Verde

18 Bay Street Biergarten

19 Lemonade

20  Fuel Cafe


22 Big Apple Hot Dogs

23 Restaurant Can Jubany

24 Giraffe

25 Benito’s Hat

26 Cafe Sydney

27 Brae

28 Shizuku Ramen – Contemporary Japanese Restaurant

29 Jaffle Jaffle

30 Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant London

31 CARAVAN Restaurant, Bar & Roastery

32 Wired

33 Duke’s Brew & Que

34 Jacks Bar

35 The Paper Mill

36 The Kings Arms

37 Pitch

38 The Bancroft

39 Joe’s Garage

40 Maaemo Restaurant

41  Supreme Supreme

42 Gaucho

43  Chick’s Fry House

44 The Black Sparrow

DÈcoration table communion The Ordinary

46 Marco Grill

47 L’Amour Fou

48 Artifact Coffee