Fashion is by nature an ever changing force that knows no limits when it comes to its re-invention, and the highly conceptual work of Konstantin Kofta is yet another testament to that. Although only in his late-twenties, the Kiev-based designer has already succeeded in becoming a household name in fashion with his leather accessories that challenge concepts such as functionalism and wearability through their unconventional forms. With bags reminiscent of human spines, screaming faces, hands and other body parts featured in his earlier collections, his latest offering for his SS15 ‘INERTIA’ collection features a much more futuristic aesthetic in which most of its pieces take inspiration from ideas associated with the physical sciences. Rather than being randomly selected, all these themes are the result of meticulous research and observation, usually conducted during Kofta’s many trips to the Ukrainian countryside. For the designer, personal input is of key importance throughout the creative process, from conception all the way through execution. Fully focusing on traditional methods of manufacturing, Kofta involves himself with everything from the sourcing of the materials to their treatment, aiming for each piece to have a look that is both unique and representative of his ethos as a designer. Without a doubt, such high values are a corollary of his studies at Central St. Martins, where the designer first had the opportunity to approach design from a perspective that allowed him to experiment on many different levels. That being said, as part of yet another experiment, Kofta recently unveiled a special collaboration with Beijing-based motorcycle manufacturer Bandit9, where a rucksack from his current collection was used in a story lensed by Wing Chan, in the promotion of ‘EVE’, a custom made two-wheeler. Multifaceted like a well-cut gemstone, the work of Konstantin Kofta has many sides, but one face of beauty; we simply can’t wait to discover it again through his future works. (By Yannis Tzannis from For more information or to get in touch with Konstantin, just follow the link below.

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