ESTHECHOC: The Anti-Aging Chocolate


For ages, people have been trying to find ways to suppress or hide their wrinkles, which is a natural phenomenon in humans due to old age. An anti-aging chocolate may soon come to the rescue of many who want to look 30 years younger. Spas and retail stores in the UK are expected to get the first wrinkle removing chocolate in March. A Cambridge-based firm Lycotec has developed the anti-aging chocolate called Esthechoc, also known as Cambridge Beauty Chocolate. The creators of the chocolate reveal that Esthechoc contains about 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate and is rich in antioxidants: astaxanthin and cocoa flavanols.


The chocolate maker suggests that a small portion of the chocolate weighing just 7.5 grams can deliver the equivalent amount of flavanols to 100 grams of dark chocolate and of astaxanthin to 300 grams of wild Alaskan salmon. Lycotec also reveals that the potency of the chocolate has also been demonstrated in large clinical trials. “After three to four weeks of daily intake by 50 to 60-year-old volunteers, the Beauty Chocolate was able to not only suppress markers of sub-clinical inflammatory damage in their blood, but also reverse their age-related depression of microcirculation and blood supply to such peripheral tissues as subcutaneous fat and skin,” stated Lycotec.


Dr. Ivan Petyaev, director of Lycotec and the inventor of the technology behind Esthechoc, revealed that clinical trials were conducted on over 3,000 participants between 50 and 60 years old. The findings of the research revealed that the biomarkers of the participant’s skin were bought back to those of a 20 or 30-year-old person. Dr. Petyaev said that it took several years to research the anti-aging product and it will soon be available on the market. In 2014, Lycotec entered a licensing agreement with a company aiming to commercialize the product.


The company also claims that consuming one bar of Esthechoc each day is safe even for diabetic and calorie-conscious people. Esthechoc is said to come in packs of 21 bars, which a person should eat over three weeks. The retail price of the chocolate remains unknown. Some market observers, however, believe that the company should conduct further studies before making strong claims about Esthechoc. ( By Sumit Passary from ) For more information, follow the link below.